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Hike without borders between the two TERRA.Vita and De Hondsrug UNESCO Global Geoparks

Discover 5,500 years of cultural history along the approximately 325-km-long hiking trail between Osnabrück and Groningen and experience the beauty of the landscapes typical to the northwest which formed in the Ice Age and have since matured to achieve its present beauty.

The megalithic graves, Stone-Age structures along the Hünnenweg, serve as fascinating testimonies of days past and are among the special geographical features of the TERR.vita UNESCO Global Geopark on the German side and the De Hondsrug UNESCO Global Geopark on the Dutch side.

On your hike through the varied natural landscape and the regions' legends, a signet with a small blue ""h"" will show you the way across 20 day stages.

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Der Hünenweg auf einen Blick

Hiking type:

Ideal for hikers who love solitude and who don't shy away from longer hiking stages.

The Hünenweg is well marked throughout and also features distance information in Germany. The markings are presented with blue letters on a yellow background (German: "Hünenweg", Netherlands: "Hünenweg-Hondsrugpad"). The final section between Haren and Groningen is marked more discreetly with blue letters on a white background.

Route condition

The terrain ranges from gentle hills to flat with few inclines.

Order the 2nd edition of the Hünenweg hiking guide from Conrad Stein Verlag. On 127 pages you will find detailed information about your hike from Osnabrück to Groningen.

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Discover fascinating natural and cultural landscapes.